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Château Clamens

An unique typicity with aromas of black fruits, violets and spices obtained thanks to our autochthonous grape variety: the Négrette, French AOC wine from our Château, in the heart of Occitania, near Toulouse.
Elegant wines, easy-going, enjoyable and fleshy as well as powerful and deep wines, rich and harmonious. Some wines, aged in oak barrels, will reveal soft tannins and beautiful aromatic complexity.

Our 27 ha of vines are located on an exceptional terroir, at the gates of Toulouse, on the municipality of Fronton: loamy- clayey and sandy soils of the old terraces of the Tarn (favoring heat retention) associated with a very favorable climate (over 2000 hours of sunshine a year, relatively cool nights, low but regular rainfall). 

Château Clamens traditions have been perpetuated for 5 generations. Jean-Michel Bégué, the winegrower, preserves the family secrets and chooses the best terroirs for each wine, each vintage. The vineyard is managed in a sustainable farming; yields are controlled and focused on quality (less than 45hl/ ha). Many of our vines are planted into the Autan wind to reduce treatments and to ensure the vines as healthy as possible.

We take care from the vines to the cellar, as this allows us to minimize Sulphur in our wines (around 50 mg per liter for the reds). Moreover, our wines are not filtered and not fined before bottling to preserve the integrity of their structure and their natural flavors.

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